It’s a waiting game….

so it’s the 5th of October. Our flights are booked and we have just booked our first two nights at our first destination, Cancun Mexico with

We discovered this website when we planned our 8 day island hopping trip round Croatia. This site allows you to book cheap  accomodation in advance with payment accepted the day your arrive. Very handy if you have saved just enough money for flights but haven’t quite got the cash to pay for your stay.

it is really starting to hit me now that in just a few months I will be embarking on the biggest adventure of my life. Luckily I have found the best person in the world to share this adventure with. My best friend and boyfriend. My partner in crime. I really feel that this would be a lot more daunting if I didn’t have the greatest man I know by my side. I am pretty sure he will live up to my hype. Holding my hair back if I get Delhi belly (touch wood I dont) . Letting me have the window seat.  Giving me the last of the insect repellent and mainly always being the lean-ie and letting me be the lean-er when on long bus journeys 😃

But on a serious note he really does bring the best out in me and makes me want to see and do everything I can. So this blog should be quite an interesting read for all you folk back home dreaming of jumping off rocks into clear blue lagoons. Ahhhh shit my bad 😉



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