Naan-Stop India.

We’ve been in Delhi for two days now and my eyes are killing me…partly because of the thick smog that engulfs the entire city and partly because theres so much going on you never get a chance to rest your eyes, you look in one direction and there will be a cow being fed chapatis in the middle of a busy road and before you’ve had a chance to take that in a family of 4 will ride past all piled up on a small bike and all the while theres a man trying to coax you into his Tuk-Tuk and a group of small children trying to get money from you, everywhere you look something is happening, something weird and wonderful, theres a photo oppertunity and a bazaar around every corner.


Today we zig-zagged across Delhi and checked out some temples, forts and tombs – Jay bought her first Sari and dozens of locals queued to have pictures with us. We were actually quite sad to think that pretty much everyone we had met that had been to India had advised us to get out of Delhi as soon as we could. We could not have been happier with Delhi being our first introduction to India and we can safely say that if this is suppose to be the worst of it…India is going to be very very fun indeed. We have had huge smiles on our faces since we arrived and are both so excited to see what comes next. There will definitely never be a dull moment in the next coming weeks I’m sure. What I will say is Delhi is not for the faint hearted or nervous traveller and also Jay has admitted that she probably wouldn’t feel so safe and happy here on her own as a solo female traveller. So please bear in mind that although we have fallen head over heels for Delhi, it may not be everyones cup of tea.


This week in Delhi the average temperature is 42 degrees (110f) and drops down to a cool 29 at night, Luckily our hotel has air conditioning! Tomorrow we start the more Northern part of our India trip starting with Jaipur then onto Agra to see the Taj, then over to Varanasi and Rishikesh before we fly down to Goa, Hampi and Kerala (Cochin)


Check out our India Page to keep up to date with our travels.


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