Abu Dhabi Doo.

For the past week we have been staying in Abu Dhabi with Jays friend Emma, her husband Ali and their squad of little people.

They have been kind enough to put us up, feed us and genuinely treat us like family, Emma even taxi’d us back and forward to and from the beach every day! Its definitely been a nice break from staying in hostels and hotels!


I’ve really enjoyed my time in Abu Dhabi, the style of life here is one To be desired, it seems like a great place to have a family. The weather has been a constant 35 degrees which is perfect for catching some rays by the pool, although I don’t think anybody told the UAE that clouds exist..


Emma & Ali are genuinely two of the nicest people I’ve met and they really do have a beautiful family, it would be a privilege to return the favour if they come to visit us in Australia but I don’t think our 1 bed flat would be big enough for the 6 of them..
Thanks guys. X

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