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10,000 Hits For 2becomeJuan!

We’ve reached 10,000 views! Heres a round up of what we have done so far!

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chitchen Itza, Mexico

Holbox Sea Birds

Holbox Island, Mexico

Trees and cows-proper nature

Salento, Worlds Tallest Wax Palms Colombia


Tubing In Palomino, Colombia

Christ Redeemer
Christ Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

Campeche Island

Campeche Island, Florianopolis


Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia


Taj Mahal, India


Delhi Bazaars, India


The Corniche, Abu Dhabi

Still to come is the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Japan & Australia! check back soon or check out our other destinations to read more about our trip!


Ice, Spikes & Hikes, Patagonia.

For the most part, Patagonia is an empty, wind-swept and baron land – But because of its perfect location on the Andes Patagonia has a couple of the worlds most breathtaking sites. The andes are home to the third biggest mass of freshwater on the planet, in this case its in ice form, which of course means glaciers.. We visited the Perito Moreno glacier, its 17 miles long and its the only glacier in the world thats not retreating.


Patagonia has 48 glaciers but the Perito Moreno is the most visited because of its close proximity to El Calafate and because large carvings fall off of the face daily and you can be right up close to see it. You can also go hiking on the glacier, you get fitted with crampons and you’ll pass cracks, crevices and bright blue plunge pools along the way, at the end of the day you get served a glass of whiskey, complete with Glacier ice!


Patagonia also has one of the most amazing mountain views you’ll ever see. The views from El Chalten of Mount Fitzroy is like nothing I’ve seen before, its sharp, upward spikes¬†directly contrast the surrounding mountains. We were lucky to have 2 of only 15 days of clear sky that patagonia gets every year, we did a 4km hike along the mountains to Lagoa Capri through fallen trees and muddy paths, forests tinged orange & yellow by autumn, ¬†allowing some great photo opportunities.


As we were leaving, and the sun was going down the clouds started to draw in over the mountains like id never seen be

fore, creating amazingly beautiful patterns, we could not have timed our trip any better. check out our PATAGONIA PAGE for more pictures.


Iguazu Falls – Brazil Vs Argentina

Stuck Between the two? We’ve spent the past 2 days at Iguazu falls. First we visited the Brazilian side and then we crossed the border to the Argentinian side. Both sides are stunning in their own right however if you have limited time and are struggling with which side to choose we will explain the differences to help you decide.

BRAZIL, $13 entrance fee: The Brazilian side is a half day trip with you needing only a few hours to walk the whole trail. The majority of the views are of the falls from afar with panoramic views of cascading waterfalls about 2.5km wide. You have great photo opportunities here and you also get to walk across a footbridge and look down over some falls. On both sides of the falls you have hundreds of butterflies all different colours and varieties going along the trail with you and landing on you which is very cool. There is an elevator which takes you up for a panoramic viewpoint at the devils throat which is pretty epic. At the exit of the park there is a delicious buffet restaurant where for around $14 you can eat as much as you want. The food was some of the best we had had serving things like salmon fillet, steak, the worlds best mashed potato and a lovely fresh pasta linguine dish. I would actually go back just for that to be honest!

Iguasu Brazil
ARGENTINA, $30 entrance fee:  The Argentinian side is much more of a day out, with different trails and activities such as a boat ride into the falls and a train journey up to the top of the falls and a train journey up to the devils throat. The trails here allow you to get a lot closer to the falls with you getting pretty wet in certain parts. and also a lovely long walk across the river on a footbridge. The only food we came across was a Subway but we were happy with that…and so were the Coaties, they are a racoon type animal that are in abundance on both sides who would pounce on you left right and centre if you tried to sit and eat at the tables.The boat ride was a definite highlight and if you are an adrenaline junkie you must do this trip but be prepared to get WET! Don’t bother with the waterproofs as they will be useless, water comes from all angles and completely saturates you but don’t worry you’ll soon dry off in the sun!

Iguazu Argentina
Overall if we had to choose a side it would definitely be the Argentinian side for two reasons. One being the finale view from the top which is utterly breathtaking and two being the ridiculously fun and outrageous boat journey into and under the waterfalls, although if you have the time please visit both sides, starting on the Brazilian if possible, i think after seeing the views from the Argentinian side the Brazilian side may be a bit underwhelming.

Check out our BRAZIL & ARGENTINA pages for more info and to see what else we got up to.