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10,000 Hits For 2becomeJuan!

We’ve reached 10,000 views! Heres a round up of what we have done so far!

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chitchen Itza, Mexico

Holbox Sea Birds

Holbox Island, Mexico

Trees and cows-proper nature

Salento, Worlds Tallest Wax Palms Colombia


Tubing In Palomino, Colombia

Christ Redeemer
Christ Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

Campeche Island

Campeche Island, Florianopolis


Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia


Taj Mahal, India


Delhi Bazaars, India


The Corniche, Abu Dhabi

Still to come is the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Japan & Australia! check back soon or check out our other destinations to read more about our trip!


Colombia Round-Up

So we’ve left Colombia and now we’re in Brazil, Colombia is a really hard place to sum up but the best way i can describe it is like standing very close to a really big horse, the horse looks great, it’s really strong and beautiful but you never really feel too at ease, the horse could kick you at any moment, we were lucky the horse never kicked took us on a great adventure and now we love Horses. Some people we met however did get kicked by a horse – and when i say kicked by a horse i mean robbed at gunpoint. so we’re counting ourselves lucky.

High Vibes and Low Sides – Our Top 5 Things In Colombia:

  1. Guatape- A great little lakeside town away from the crazyness of the city. Good for walks and spending time in the calm waters. Friendly people and one of our favourite places to eat. Look for the restaurant Don de Sam
  2. Rio Claro- Adventure packed crazyness but only if you do the cave tour. The rafting is fun but very chilled. If you’re lucky you may see some monkeys hanging in the trees above. We did!
  3. Tubing in Palomino- Even the moped ride to the river was a highlight. Very serene as we had this huge river all to ourselves. Great for bird watching and generally pretending your in Jurassic park.
  4. Salento – for me this is Colombia. It’s exactly what I had pictured before arriving, it took nearly 5 weeks of being here to finally see it but the picturesque  landscapes and beautiful long hike made it worth it. Make sure you check it out.
  5. Playa Blanca- The colour of the sea here alone is knockout. I don’t know anywhere else you can get a wooden cabana two metres from the Caribbean Sea for about a tenner per person. Try and go on a weekday for pure chill out bliss vibes.

On the flip-side, 5 not so great things about Colombia:

1. The food. I mean it’s great if you want to eat the exact same meal for your entire trip, not so great if you actually have tastebuds. I’ve easily had some of the worst meals I’ve ever had over the last 5 weeks – And hot chocolate with cheese in?! That’s just stupid.

2. We thought safety should be on this list, not due to personal experience I may add however pretty much everyone we met either has or knew someone who has experienced dangerous crimes. We are talking made to empty out their bank accounts with guns and people being mugged at knifepoint. G and I really took care of each other and always had each others backs. We never went out with a bag, G always just kept a few small notes (enough for a drink and some food) and if we did take our phone or camera for pics one of us would take watch whilst the other one papped away. Never walk anywhere quiet or unlit alone and just generally stay with as many people as you can. I personally wouldn’t travel Colombia alone as a female and would no way in hell let my child. Don’t let it put you off going with a friend, partner or group though.  You need to experience this stunning and diverse country.

3. The driving – it’s great if want constant near death experiences and high adrenaline rides home. The taxi drivers are constantly cutting each other up and overtaking on blind corners. No wonder all of the cars here have dents in them. 

4. There are so many homeless in the cities of Colombia which is upsetting, we always kept our leftovers from every meal to give to somebody on the street on the way home. They really appreciate it and no food went to waste. The government need to do something about this as it is a really big problem.

5. Hot showers are very hard to come by here. You are sometimes blessed with one in a big city, but even then it will be a dribble. I think in 5 weeks I had one memorable hot powerful shower. To be fair in the hot parts of the country hot water isn’t that important but I did find you don’t get as clean in cold water. We pretty much stank the hole time. 😫