For the most part, Patagonia is an empty, wind-swept and baron land – But because of its perfect location on the Andes Patagonia has a couple of the worlds most breathtaking sites. The andes are home to the third biggest mass of freshwater on the planet, in this case its in ice form, which of course means glaciers.. We visited the Perito Moreno glacier, its 17 miles long and its the only glacier in the world thats not retreating.


Patagonia has 48 glaciers but the Perito Moreno is the most visited because of its close proximity to El Calafate and because large carvings fall off of the face daily and you can be right up close to see it. You can also go hiking on the glacier, you get fitted with crampons and you’ll pass cracks, crevices and bright blue plunge pools along the way, at the end of the day you get served a glass of whiskey, complete with Glacier ice!


Patagonia also has one of the most amazing mountain views you’ll ever see. The views from El Chalten of Mount Fitzroy is like nothing I’ve seen before, its sharp, upward spikes directly contrast the surrounding mountains. We were lucky to have 2 of only 15 days of clear sky that patagonia gets every year, we did a 4km hike along the mountains to Lagoa Capri through fallen trees and muddy paths, forests tinged orange & yellow by autumn,  allowing some great photo opportunities.


As we were leaving, and the sun was going down the clouds started to draw in over the mountains like id never seen before, creating amazingly beautiful patterns, we could not have timed our trip any better.



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