Her Bag.

Berghaus Jalan 65+15

After much deliberation and trawling the shops in search of my ideal travelling partner (besides my boy) I finally landed on the Berghaus Jalan for women. I had seen so many great reviews of this bag so decided I would invest my trust in this one in getting me round the world.

My main musts for my travelling bag were different to G’s. I loved the idea (after not having this my first time travelling on my gap year) that I wanted…HELL needed, a bag that opened like a suitcase as opposed to one that opened from the top. I remember getting seriously peeved everytime i needed to open my bag as it would mean everything had to come out to find even the smallest thing. I am  not the most tidy person and I’m generally quite impatient so it would mean i was stuffing all my clothes back in and they were coming out like rags. Not a good look! So what with the mullet I had cut and my screwed up clothes I was not looking too hot on my gap year. This time will be different…she says!

So that was my main instruction when purchasing. It also has wheels which is great for when you just can’t take the weight anymore but don’t want to ruin the bottom by dragging across the floor.

The bag is a really great shape and just a nice plain black which I liked too. I will report back when I have actually had it on for longer than a day and am not just in my living room.


  • Vans Mint Green (G got me these for crimbo. Will look so hot with brown feet)


Nike Free Runs Daddio being the beaut he is got me these for crimbo too. Thats shoes sorted. Just flip flops now




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