His bag.

Whats In His Bag?

Lets start with the bag itself:

Osprey Kestrel 68litre 

I got this bag in 2013 and its been with me to 9 countries and i can’t praise it enough, its practically bulletproof, and i’ll be honest i kicked this bag around about as much as i carried it, i kicked it down stairs, i dragged it on the floor behind me through every airport i went to, i even slept on it a couple of times and its not showing any signs of wear.

All the zips and buckles are of high quality, there’s plenty of smaller zippable compartments and elasticised pockets which is ideal because everything seems to naturally find its own home and you end up knowing exactly where everything is.

This rucksack is top and bottom loading which is great, i ended up just using the bottom opening to keep my shoes for easy access but it could also be useful to use as a compartment for dirty clothes to keep them separate.

The straps are great and have a lot of different ways of adjusting them for your bodyside/build and when its empty it is also very  lightweight which is handy if your not a spartan or a champion weightlifter and like most people don’t like carrying  unnecessary weight, lets get onto whats in the bag then:


  • Canon 500D (for snapping award winning photographs)
  • Gopro Hero 4 Silver Edition (for taking pictures underwater of jays bum)
  • iPhone 5 (for FaceTime and music)
  • PowerMonkey Solar Powered Charger (self-explanatory)
  • Gorilla Pod (so i don’t have to ask strangers to take our picture)
  • MacBook Pro (for blogging)
  • 1TB External Hard Drive (secret porn stash)
  • 2 x Ipods (because one iPod always dies 10 minutes into a bus journey)
  • Headphones (because iPods don’t work without them)



  • 5 x Vests (for those sunny days)
  • 5 x T-shits  (for the not so sunny days)
  • 1 x hoody (for the really not sunny days)
  • 4 x Shorts (because shorts.)
  • 6 x Socks (because i got loads of socks for christmas this year)
  • 2 x Snap-Backs (everybody loves a snap-back)
  • 1 x Beanie (for hangovers)


  • Black Vans Vulcanized (because they’re cool)
  • White Converse (because they’re indestructible)

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