GoPro HERO 4 Silver Edition

It was christmas a few days ago and my dad completely pulled it out of the bag and went and got us a GoPro for our trip!

I’ve always wanted to get a GoPro but was always kind of put off by the fact they never had a screen, but now they’ve released the GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition which does, and even though the screen is small it is touch-screen which works surprisingly well (even with my big troll fingers) which makes it so much simpler to use.

I’ve had a little play around with it now and my one piece of advice is aim it quite a lot lower than you would with a normal camera – due to the fisheye, if you point it at somebody’s face you end up with a whole lot of sky above their head so try aiming more towards the chest!

It comes with a waterproof case which is waterproof to 40m which is easily going to be enough for our trip and the diving we have planned so unless were involved in a boat crash and end up at the bottom of the sea it should suffice!

You can also record HD video as well as use the low light settings for them after dark shots so its seems like the go pro will be a great travelling camera!



Canon 500D

So we decided to get ourselves a little upgrade from our iPhone cameras and got ourselves a second hand canon 500D with a standard 18-55mm lens, I chose a canon because of their obvious quality and because I’ve had a little experience on my last trip with my friends 650D.

We managed to get a great deal and got the camera and a couple of memory cards and a bag for £200 which I bought was a bargain and because why not? I like taking photos and now we’ve got a blog it seemed as good excuse as any.

Lets be honest I’m not exactly going to be winning amateur photographer of the year with this thing but it’s a step in the right direction, So hopefully now you’ll all get to have a look at what us and our new camera see that little bit more clearly.

It seems pretty decent from the few hours I’ve spent playing around with it, it’s a great camera and I can’t really tell the difference in quality between oura and my friends one that cost him over £600 so I can’t complain! Here she is….


Getting to grips with the new camera.
Getting to grips with the new camera.



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