Lewes Bonfire 2014

So this year Me and Jay decided to take a trip down to Lewes near Brighton to see the fireworks, parade and bonfires that we had heard about from some friends, turns out it’s actually pretty crazy.

To give you an idea it’s 80,000 people crowded into a small market town filled with fire, crosses and burning effigies.


Later on into the night flares and fireworks were being set off and the black sky soon filled with a blood red smoke. I’ve never seen a bonfire parade like this, they took it to a whole new level! They were throwing bangers around on the floor and firing them from cannons, Jay was definitely shitting her pants 😜


After we had finished with the parade we went over to Railway Lane to the fireworks display and bonfire, which turned out to be more of a blazing inferno! Easily 100ft of Fire, it was mad! I’d never seen or felt a fire like it. We tried to get in early to stand right at the Front and be right up close and were acting all smug with our front row view – turns out people clearly knew what we were In for as we quickly retreated to about 50 yards back with our tails between our legs!

At the end of the night when we were walking back to the car we were walking through an area surrounded by tall white cliffs that the loud bangs and firework sound were rebounding off of- it almost sounded like an alien shoot-em-up film, we stood there for a little while just listening – it was actually quite surreal.

All in all it was easily the best bonfire night I’ve had and would definitely suggest going if you’ve never been before! Lewes is a real traditional English town with cool little wooden beamed roofed houses and plenty of character, the people all seemed really friendly too. Jay lost her iPhone and somehow a lady found us in the crowds, she only bloody recognised us from her screensaver picture!




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